6 Reasons Why Apple Besan Stands Out in the Market

Apple Foods is one of the leading besan or gram flour manufacturers when it comes to the besan industry. A venture that started in 1985 and culminated to Apple Besan in 2010, we have come a long way and are proud to be standing at the forefront of besan industry. 

What sets us apart from others, or the simplest question of “Why Apple Besan” is what we intend to explore in this blog. 


Why Choose Apple Besan?


I. Besan Industry Standards

One of the top-tier reasons that Apple besan is the most-preferred besan or chickpea flour is simple – we adhere to the besan industry standards and deliver more than the average! By using high-quality chana dal sourced from the best regions, we ensure that our besan manufacturing process falls in line with the besan industry standards.


II. High-quality Chickpeas

Now comes into the picture chickpeas. Any product is entirely dependent on the raw product. And in the case of besan or gram flour, it is the chickpeas. What you must be wondering is the relevance, it is just chickpeas, how does it really matter? 

Well, it does! We source chickpeas, both desi and kabuli wherever needed, from the best regions possible and then they go through a meticulous selection process to pass the quality check. Apple Foods thoroughly ensures quality assurance in besan production, and it starts from the chickpeas.


III. State-of-the-art Machinery

Once the chickpeas are selected, they are hulled and split to make chana dal. This process is untouched by hands and carried out in a facility with state-of-the-art machinery to maintain utmost hygiene. This is all a part of the besan manufacturing process carried out at our facility based in Saurahstra’s heart, Rajkot.


IV. Quality Control

Like said above, Apple Foods makes sure that besan industry standards are met at all costs. There are three steps to our quality control and check:

          • After sourcing, the chickpeas undergo a meticulous selection process, rejecting damaged ones right from the start.
          • Following the selection, the chickpeas undergo hulling to be split and transformed into chana dal.
          • After chana dal is produced, a stringent quality control process ensures that only chickpeas that are uniformly and properly hulled progress in the manufacturing process.


V. Grinding of Chana Dal

Apple Foods guarantees a fine texture in our chana dal by using internationally-sourced machinery in our state-of-the-art facility. After grinding, Apple Besan undergoes a thorough quality check.

All of these quality checks make sure of one thing which is essential when it comes to besan: consistency.

Apple besan is one of the best besan available in the market because of the quality and consistency we provide to our customers that ensure repeatability.


VI. Packaging

After the quality check, Apple besan is then packed. This step is one of the most essential parts of the besan manufacturing process, and in fact, one of the top-tier elements of besan industry standards. 

Apple Foods ensures hands-free packaging of besan. An entirely automated process of hygienic packaging that goes through a rigorous quality check to maintain consistency. 



Apple besan is one of the best besan available in the market. With a rigorous quality control process in check and the sourcing of chickpeas from the best regions, Apple Foods ensures that the entire besan manufacturing process is hygienic, untouched by hands and strictly adheres to the besan industry standards.

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