How besan is made

Learn how to make besan at home in just minutes!

What is besan?

Besan or gram flour is a well-known, versatile ingredient bound to be in everyone’s home. What it is renowned for, however, are the tasty pakoras or bhajiyas. All of us crave those rainy days wherein chai and pakoras make for the perfect combination. The starry after-garba nights with chai and bhajiyas act as the perfect end to Navratri. Let’s look at how this

Check the Chickpeas

It starts with chickpeas. High-quality chickpeas, which could be either Kabuli or Desi, go through a meticulous selection process. Next up, these chickpeas are cleaned to remove dirt and impurities. After the cleaning process, a thorough inspection is carried out wherein only the finest chickpeas go through.


The selected chickpeas are then hulled and spilt, giving you chana dal. This chana dal is ground into a fine powder, making our favourite flour – besan. This flour then goes through sifting, wherein fine besan is separated to remove the coarse grains.

Quality Control & Packaging

Quality control is extremely important when it comes to making besan. Each batch goes through a rigorous quality check to ensure consistency. Now, the finely sifted and separated besan is hygienically packed, ensuring a pure, untouched by-hand product that is ready for your kitchen.


Besan lies at the heart of the kitchen – making way for delicious dishes, including sweets! Remember the good ol’ days of besan burfi? Or the healthy morning chillas? The process of making besan is quite standard which ensures quality. From selecting the best chickpeas to grinding it to a fine texture, Apple besan is produced with state-of-the-art technology, and manufactured at the Rajkot factory. Experiment with bhajiyas or simply make the healthy besan oats chilla, this ingredient is a must in the kitchen!

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