Ultimate Guide to Besan: What It Is, How It’s Made, and Expiry Insights.

For many reasons, there is often one question that revolves when it comes to the everyday kitchen product – flour. More specifically, besan. Before we dive into the details of the how and when, let us first understand what is chickpea flour, or more specifically, besan. 

What is besan?

People across India (and beyond) use chickpea flour, besan, or gram flour as a versatile ingredient to craft numerous dishes. Besan, a staple in Indian households, serves as a primary component for creating a variety of culinary delights. The texture and versatility of besan makes it a go-to for snack recipes all over. 

Common dishes like bhajiyas, pakora kadhi, and besan chilla feature prominently in nearly every household in India, highlighting the wonderful taste of besan.

How besan is made?

Carefully selecting and seeking the best quality chickpeas. These could be either Kabuli or Desi. Hulling and splitting the selected chickpeas result in the perfect chana dal.

Next up comes the grinding of chana dal to make it into a fine texture. And that is how besan is made.

After the grinding of chana dal into a fine texture, Apple Besan then goes through rigorous quality check to maintain consistency in terms of quality and taste. After passing the quality check, the besan undergoes hygienic packing, ensuring a pure, untouched-by-hand product.

Similar to the production process, Apple Coarse Besan skips the fine powder grinding, retaining a coarser texture for specific culinary applications. This characteristic lends it a slightly dense texture, making it ideal for dishes that require such consistency. Let’s now understand how can you store it.

Store besan properly to make it last longer.

  • Store in an airtight container for better life since it will prevent moisture and air from entering.
  • Keep the besan away from anything pungent or food that has a strong smell.
  • Besan or gram flour life can be extended if stored in a freezer. 
  • Use the batch which is older first if you stock up on chickpea flour. 

Once packed and ready for the market, how long is the shelf life of Apple besan?

When Does Besan Expire?

Apple Foods manufactures besan, gram flour, or chickpea flour freshly and packs it hygienically at its renowned facility in the heart of Gujarat, Rajkot.

With a production capacity of various flours like coarse besan, atta, suji, rava and maida; Apple Foods is a leading manufacturer of high-quality range of flours. The ideal time of using the besan or gram flour or chickpea flour is four months. Within this time frame, besan stays fresh and makes for tasty dishes!

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